References and resources

Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) COPD Guideline

To find the most recent Guidelines from the Canadian Thoracic Society for the diagnosis and management of COPD. You can also download many tools and access different resources here.

Available in French and English



Living Well with COPD

Living Well with COPD is a self-management education program developed to help patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and their families in managing the disease. Materials on the Web site include: 1) Patient Education Tools; 2) Reference Guides for the Health care professional.

Available in English and French




Here you will find what is needed to implement and/or improve a pulmonary rehabilitation program in your institution. There are many tools here, including letter templates, evaluation forms, questionnaires, material to be used for the education of your patients and exercise programs designed for them.

Available in English and French



Quebec Asthma and COPD Network (QACN)

QCNA provides interdisciplinary training and consulting services to caregivers in the health care system. It helps foster synergy and the sharing of people's experiences so as to optimize self-management of the disease and the well being of people with asthma and COPD.

Available only in French


Canadian Lung Association (CLA)

The Canadian Lung Association offers various programs and service through both its national and provincial offices. Provincial Lung Associations offer a variety of programs, such as: presentations and teaching material on the health effects of smoking; free quit smoking lines to help smokers overcome their addiction; support groups for people living with lung diseases.

Available in English and French



The program evaluation tool kit

The program evaluation toolkit is a practical, five-step guide to planning, conducting, and how to use a program evaluation. It is presented in a series of short modules with simple explanations and specific tools. The Tool Kit makes use of a decision-oriented model of program evaluation. Available in English.



The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO)

Nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals and administrators who are leading and facilitating changes in health care practices will find this Web site a valuable source for the development of policies, procedures, protocols, educational programs, assessments and for documentation tools.

Available in English with some content and tools in French



Alberta Health Services

The Calgary program uses the Canadian guidelines for COPD and Asthma as well as tools and working with the Living Well with a Chronic Condition Program.


There are a number of organizations that are working to improve COPD patient care. Take advantage of these resources.